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Snowboard Coach is a collection of Information, Links, Educational Pages and Comment Threads for progressing snowboarders, parents, instructors or coaches.

Explore the subject buttons on the left of page, then leave comments, snowboarding questions, easily create your own snowboard-coach page where you can post photos or video of your favorite tricks, you or your friends,or even share with the world,

"What is Stylish to you?"   

Explore, Study, Share and Contribute as a Rider, Competitor or Coach.

As you browse the site you will find pages on all freestyle snowboarding subjects. Flip through Snowboard Coach pages written about the many faces of snowboarding, styles, and technique drills a rider can use to get better. Then chime in on the post by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.

-Matt Ladley, Ben Ferguson, Brett Esser, Arielle Gold, Benji Farrow, Taylor Gold- Cardrona, New Zealand

Snowboard Coach Philosophy

Within the site you will find information, instruction, video demonstration and detailed how-to's on all snowboarding subjects. Goals will be set, then reached though dedicated effort, ambition, will to work and the will to get back on that horse when you get bucked off. Snowboard Coach is built on the idea that success is the product of a riders belief that they "can do it."

Learning step by step in a supportive, creative and constructive environment with a foundation of passion for the activity, the drive to improve and the willingness to try and try again. Developing personal confidence in the athletic effort and in the relationships that develop among friends and riders.

Snowboard Coach will promote the use of a wide range of tools to enhance progression. Tools such as training yourself physically, mentally and in the art of planning and equipment maintenance. The goal being to always be ready to make the most of each moment on the hill and always be proactive about your success. The more success and progression, the more fun it is. Go life. Go snowboarding... 

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The world of snowboarding wants to hear from you. Share opinions, questions or rants, then post new clips and shots of you, your friends or your athletes breaking ground in their quest to progress.

Photo and Video Posts by the Readers

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Merlin Maler - Vimeo Clip Not rated yet
Summer was approaching my hometown in Patagonia. So I decided to travel to Switzerland where I worked one month and a half in the lifts of Laax, and then …

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 Snowboard-Coach.com will make it simple to find information about competition, teams, organizations, history of riders and the sport, along with video examples of their riding and styles.

A rider, parent or fan will find all they need to enhance their snowboarding experience, then post their own photos, videos and comments on the pages.

Enjoy the Site and Strap in, for the ride of your life.

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Snowboard-Coach.com is a site designed to help and encourage
coaches, instructors and snowboarders to push their skills and ability.
It is in no way responsible for injuries or damage incurredin the pursuit of ones personal goals.

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