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Zoe Kalapos at the Mammoth Mountain Hi Performance Camp - June 2017

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In Snowboard Coach I hope to support and encourage as many new riders as possible to learn about the sport and to get involved. Snowboarding is such a dynamic sport that really reflects the charisma and individuality of the riders that love it so much. 

My name is Spencer Tamblyn and I feel fortunate to have been enjoying life in the mountains and on the snow since I was just 4 years old. At first I was a skier until one fateful day when I was about 10, my family and I were coming down Berthoud Pass in Colorado when I saw it for the first time. A couple of guys making surf style turns in the backcountry powder near the top of the pass. The rhythm and flow they had as they darted through the trees really captured my soul and at that moment, I knew I had to do it.  

Since then it has been my life. It is my passion and has taken me around the world as a competitor, as a pro rider and as a snowboard coach for many of the top up and coming riders in the sport.

In this site I want to share with you the many faces of the sport through pages on all aspects of the sport. Including a range of information on snowboarding links and basic coaching concepts to specifics on competition, organizations and all of the moving pieces involved in finding fun and success as a pro, competitive rider, coach, fan or as a supportive parent looking for answers.

Snowboard Coach Mission Statement 

Whether in the streets, the steeps, the park, the pipe or in a race to the finish Snowboard Coach seeks to encourage the passion of sport and the process of progression. Pushing our ideas of what we are capable of and finding unexpected answers along the way. 

The idea is a focus on motivating riders and their support systems to become more involved in the sport and to push themselves and each other on their snowboards and in the journey of life. Supporting individual personalities in the drive and motivation to seek out each opportunity and to be proactive in the quest to develop individual style, reach goals and stomp runs.

Jordie Karlinski - Arapahoe Basin Colorado - Preseason Downrail

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Take your time in exploring the page links at the top or on right side of each page. When you find interesting content or feel the need to share any opinion or question, please use the Comment Box at the bottom of that page. I want to get some good discussion going on each subject, so please chime in and share your perspective on the pages within.

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  Live Love and Learn. Go Snowboarding... 

Strap in for the Ride of Your Life.

Disclaimer- is a site designed to help and encourage
coaches, instructors and snowboarders to push their skills and ability.
It is in no way responsible for injuries or damage incurred in the pursuit of individual athletic and personal goals.