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Snowboarding Camps are Amazing. The locations are beautiful and unique, the camp staffs are interesting, made up of talented coaches and organizers. For the campers, well, you can count on new friends, new activities,
a great time and snowboarding progression.

Woodward at Copper Snowboarding & Cross Training Camps All I can say here is that Woodward is amazing. With Camps Located across the country, including a brand new facility at the base of Copper Mountain in Colorado, Woodward is sure to be invade the dreams of any hopeful shred star.

--Check out these videos on the new Tahoe facility and the Copper Barn Camps--


The Great Mt. Hood - August 2nd

High Cascade Snowboard Camps We are proud of the fact that everything we do as a camp, as a business, as a community member, and as an employer is to improve the lives of those around us. Snowboarding, skateboarding, photography and all the other fun activities at High Cascade are simply vehicles for making lives better. From making new friends to building self-esteem, promoting responsibility, and discipline,

High Cascade’s mission is:


In addition to going to camp, a rider should use the off season
for Dryland-Training and Cross-Training to be ready for anything when winter hits.

Snowboards Bags Bindings Boots Gloves Mitts Goggles Helmets Jackets Pants

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