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I have found a great resource for Snowboarding Video Games in Gamestop. It is an online retailer that has a long history of great service and being ahead of the game on new technologies and games as they come out.

It is exciting to see that so many of you are fired up about snowboarding video games, both online games and for your home player. I the page below I will share reviews of the games and links to the best place to get them.

Shawn Whites Snowboarding for PS2

First, Shaun White Snowboarding is amazing. For fans of the old 1080 series, they'll be in for a change because of the increased level of realism in this game. The game has an awesome soundtrack including Cult of Personality and Ballroom Blitz just to name two. The graphics are very good for a ps2 game and really bring the game to life. There is a cooperative multiplayer and a versus multiplayer which really add to the game. The controls are very good with multiple ways to pull off tricks while using the r and l buttons as well as X, circle, square, and triangle which each correspond with a different part of the board. There are five total mountains and each one is very diverse with the environments and sizes. I highly recommend this game to any sports games fans especially if they enjoy snowboarding games.

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