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Best Park Snowboards for Men

Burton Easy Livin - 2015

Dannys Easy Livin -2015

Danny takes an acoustic approach with three different shapes, each tuned for a perfect mountain harmony.

Grab your instrument of choice – three Easy Livin shapes give you options for any all-mountain expression session. A capable quiver designed by Danny Davis (featuring collaborative graphics with Martin Guitars), choose from a more blunted freestyle shape in the 52, a pointier freestyle design with the 58, or the stock and sturdy all-around feel of the 55. Squeezebox and an extra lively Triax™ glass combine with a hybrid of catch-free rocker and powerful camber for a highly maneuverable, stable, and snappy experience.

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Gnu Headspace 2016

Gnu Headspace

Get on the same wavelength as Forest Bailey with his signature Gnu Headspace PBTX Snowboard. Forest's choice for throwing down on the streets and in the park, the Headspace is a jib-focused asymmetric twin that kills it on rails and holds its own outside the park too.

The Headspace's weird science starts with the asymmetric sidecut, which features a deeper heelside sidecut to compensate for your naturally weaker heelside turns. This makes initiating heelside carves and holding and edge much easier and more natural-feeling. Continuing with the asymmetrical theme, the Headspace's core features a mix of different woods that gives it a softer flex on the heel side for easier turn initiation and quicker response.
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Lib Tech Burtners Box - 2016

Lib Tech Burtners Box

Jesse Burtner does a lot of things on his snowboard that most people would never even think of, let alone believe was possible. That's why he needs a board that's versatile enough to handle all of his unpredictable journeys and wild ideas. The Lib Tech Burtner's Box Scratcher BTX Snowboard is a freestyle jibbing machine with a soft enough flex to fulfill all your jibbing and buttering desires, yet it's still responsive enough to shred all over the mountain and boost off of booters.
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Slash Happy Place - 2016

Slash Happy Place 2016

It's hard to be in a bad mood when you're lapping the park with the poppy, yet playful feel of the Slash Happy Place Snowboard under your feet. The twin shape, hybrid profile, and versatile flex will have you crushing everything from rails and jumps to groomers and pow stashes.

The CamRock profile features camber between the bindings for pop and power, small flat sections underfoot for stability, and rocker at the tips for a forgiving, catch-free feel. Alternating poplar and beech stringers in the Snap Crackle Pop core provide strength and a lively feel, and spruce inlays in the nose and tail increase pop and response. Triax fiberglass keeps the board's torsional flex consistent throughout for a even response and predictable turns. It's reinforced with Sweet Spot carbon fiber stringers running from the tips to the binding inserts to increase pop without adding weight or stiffness.
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Capita UltraFear - 2016

Capita UltraFear 2016

Strike terror into the hearts of every feature inside or outside of the park with the Capita UltraFear FK Snowboard. Designed for freestyle shredding anywhere on the mountain, this board is a team favorite thanks to a versatile flex and profile that makes it scary-good for riding everything from urban kink rails to secret powder stashes.

The Freestyle FK profile is mostly flat to give it a stable feel, with rocker at the tips for catch-free forgiveness that lets you get loose from the ski slopes to the streets. This board has a smooth medium flex that's easy to press but still offers enough response to rip outside of the park lanes. DynaWeave fiberglass features a resin application borrowed from the marine industry that yields much stronger and more rigid qualities, allowing Capita to decrease the thickness of the wood core and shave weight. Kevlar and Titanal alloy strips running down the board increase strength so your board doesn't snap even on the coldest street sessions.
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Nitro Afterlife - 2016

Nitro Afterlife 2016

A snowboard so good it’s scary! This freestyle board was designed to help you take all of your tricks out of the boring park and throw down some hammers in the steep and deep of the backcountry. It is time that you get board crazy enough to help you unleash the backcountry freestyle creature inside of you. There is nothing better than stomping tricks in the natural terrain of the mountains, but to do this you need a board that has been put together accordingly. This Twin Shape, Cam-Out cambered slaying stick combined with the large nose and tail will allow you to access the craziest takeoffs with ease and stomp your landing gear in the deepest of pow. A board packed with so much Freestyle Technology for all-mountain destruction can only be categorized as a creature waiting to be unleashed in the mountains.
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Best All Mountain Snowboards for Men

Flow Blackout - 2016

CAMBER ADDICTS APPLY HERE. No matter what you try, you just keep coming back to camber. It's not your fault that you love riding fast and going big thanks to the pop and power only camber can deliver, so don't apologize for it. Instead, pick up the Flow Blackout ABT Snowboard and use those beloved traits to pick apart hairy high-speed lines and boost massive booters without remorse.
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Lib Tech T Rice Gold Member XC2

Lib Tech T Rice Gold Member 2016

WE LOVE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD. Travis Rice relentlessly pushes the envelope both in the mountains and with his boards (probably a correlation there), which has resulted in the development of the Firepower Construction found in the Lib Tech T.Rice Firepower Gold Member XC2 BTX Snowboard. With an ultralight tip, tail, and mid-section, this shred stick still retains the stability and power necessary for committing to some of the world's gnarliest lines.
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Yes- Pick Your Line - 2016

You're attracted to fresh powder like a shark is to blood in the water, so turn to the Yes Pick Your Line Snowboard and plan your attack. A slightly directional shape and tapered tail gives it the float you want for waist-deep days, while carbon stringers and camber between the bindings provide the pop and power you need for straightlining sketchy chutes and boosting big off booters. The Directional CamRock profile features camber from behind the front insert out to the tail with a little rocker in the tail and more rocker in the nose for effortless float.
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Ride Berzerker - 2016

Ride Berzerker 2016

Turns through deep, bottomless powder, high-speed pillow lines, and gigantic cliff drops are all fair game when you're riding Jake Blauvalt's signature Ride Berzerker Snowboard. Named quite appropriately, this deck is a balls-out charger, going berserk through pow-filled gullies and steep, technical terrain, thanks to its 3/4-inch set-back stance and Hybrid All Mountain Shape. Using Ride's LowRize Rocker in the nose, the Berzerker effortlessly planes through deep, untracked snow without submerging, helping you stay balanced without leaning in the back seat. From the front inserts back on back, the board uses micro-camber to deliver stability and response, especially when you're driving turns off your back foot.
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Burton Custom - 2015

Burton Custom 2015

Reach for the Burton Custom Snowboard for men this winter to get legendary alpine performance honed by decades of shredding in the mountains. The directional outline has a centered stance, blending all mountain and freestyle design so you can spin tricks off backcountry jumps and park features, and with a modified sidecut and Frostbite edges you'll be carving some smooth consistent arcs on the groomed runs without washing out when you're pushing it. Featuring a traditional camber profile with a lightweight Super Fly II core, you'll get all the pop and responsive control you can handle with the playfulness of an even twin flex.

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Ride Machete 2015

Ride Machete 2015

Ride salute the award-winning Machete marking its sixth year in the Ride line. The LowRize™ rocker shape allows riders to cut loose on a deck that is hook-free and maintains pop. This go anywhere freestyle twin combines our Pop Rods® 1.0 core for an extra dose of pop, with smooth-riding Slimewalls® sidewall technology and durable Cleave Edge™ steel for a fun surfy twin built to last.

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Best Park Snowboards for the Ladies

Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK - 2016

Capita Space Metal Fantasy 2016

Based on Capita's best-selling men's Horrorscope, the Women's Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard is a jib girl's best friend. It has a buttery flex, forgiving profile, and twin shape to help you step up your freestyle game whether you're lapping the park or throwing down in the streets.

The rockered portion extends from under the bindings out to the tips, giving it a loose, catch-free feel that's a blast to jib with, while a flat section between the inserts makes it stable enough to take through the jump line and stomp urban drops. Form 6 biax glass gives it smooth, forgiving flex for easy turn initiation and tweaked butters and presses.
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Arbor Cadence - 2016

Arbor Cadence 2016

The Arbor Women's Cadence Snowboard delivers the poppy-soft feel and catch-free float needed for all-terrain freestyle domination. This board caters to intermediate and advanced riders looking to push their freestyle skills both in and outside the park. Its true twin shape makes it ride and land switch effortlessly, helping you stomp slow-rotating backside 180s and initiate cab spins like it's nobody's business.

Loaded with The System Rocker, the Cadence features a full parabolic rocker that's mellower toward the tip and tail for better edge contact with the snow. Full parabolic rocker instills a loose, catch-free feel for buttering, jibbing, and turning without hanging up. This parabolic rocker also provides unreal float in powder, allowing you to take your tricks into deep, untracked snow.
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Smokin PYT - 2016

Smokin PYT - 2016

Progressive park performance and damn good looks come together in the Smokin Women's PYT Snowboard. It has a soft flex and a forgiving, yet stable profile to help you step up your game on everything from rails to jumps.

The DTX profile is mostly flat for a stable feel, with rockered tips to give it a catch-free feel that won't punish you when you don't quite get your spin around. Mellow Magne-Traction creates multiple contact points along the edges to give you serious edge hold in the iciest conditions. Blunt tips reduce swing weight for smoother spins, and plus they just look rad.
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Roxy Banana Smoothie - 2016

Roxy Banana Smoothie 2016

Just like a delicious fruit smoothie, the Roxy Women's Banana Smoothie EC2 BTX Snowboard is filled with all the best ingredients. With rocker underfoot and elliptical camber combined with a vibrant design, this board is refreshingly fun. Even though it’s cold outside, you’ll want this smoothie because it’s made to nourish your mind, body, and addiction to snow. For your freeriding adventures, this board has a pointed tip and tail to help you turn with precision. In other words, this twin-sized, medium-flex, all-around snowboard covers the entire mountain in sweetness.
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Capita Jess Kimura - 2016

Capita Jess Kimura 2016

Hammer-filled video parts, numerous Transworld Rider's Poll Awards, and insane park and rail skills are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Jess Kimura's incredible on-snow talent. The Capita Women's Jess Kimura Pro Model Snowboard is her go-to choice for ripping everything from 20-stair handrails to burly backcountry booters. This go-anywhere, rip-anything freestyle deck features a true twin shape and Hybrid FK profile that'll have you riding everything from jump lines to freshly-frosted glades.
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Best All Mountain Snowboards for Women

Burton Socialite 2015

Burton Socialite 2015

For those who like it extra flexy, this is hands-down the hardest-charging “soft” board on the mountain. Key Features of the Burton Socialite Snowboard:

BEND: Flat Top SHAPE: Twin FLEX: Twin CORE: Super Fly® with Dualzone™ EGD™ and NEW Squeezebox Low FIBERGLASS: Triax™ BASE: Sintered FEATURES: The Channel, Filet-O-Flex, Scoop, Overbite Frostbite, and Pro-Tip™ ARTIST: Features photography taken by the Burton Women’s team

Go to Full Info Page for the 2015 Burton Socialite

Never Summer Aura - 2016

Never Summer Aura

As the first women's-specific board to harness Never Summer's aggressive Ripsaw Rocker Camber, the Never Summer Women's Aura Snowboard transmits its hard-charging capabilities all over the mountain, mowing over choppy snow, floating through fresh powder, and dissecting tight tree runs with equal parts power and precision. This all-mountain twin is super stable at high speeds, thanks to the Ripsaw Rocker Camber, which places twice as much camber under the binding inserts radiating out toward the tip and tail. This profile gives you the extra bite of camber underfoot for snappy response and powerful edge hold, but with the catch-free playfulness and added float of rocker between the bindings.
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Nitro Fate Zero - 2016

Nitro Fate Zero 2016

Open up new shredding possibilities and choose your own destiny with the Nitro Women's Fate Zero Camber Snowboard. It has a versatile flat profile, directional twin shape, and medium flex so you can conquer any and every type of terrain on the mountain.

The Zero Camber profile is flat for a stable and forgiving feel that still retains much of the pop and edge hold that you get from a cambered board. The Powerlite core uses ultra-lightweight poplar for an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, and Reflex core profiling thins the core between your feet to increase torsional flex for easy steering.
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Lib Tech TRS Narrow

Lib Tech TRS Narrow 2016

Lib Tech made the TRS XC2-BTX Narrow Snowboard for all the groms, girls, and shredders with smaller feet who rip the entire mountain harder than the big guys. The narrow waist accommodates smaller boots and lighter riders, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's any less packed with technology than it's wider cousin. This all-mountain freestyle ripper was designed to take on the entire mountain, from the park to the peak.
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Salomon Wonder - 2016

Salomon Wonder 2016

Rip anything on the mountain with the versatile shape and freestyle-tuned flex of the Salomon Wonder Women's Snowboard. Similar in shape to Salomon's hard-charging Idol, the Wonder is slightly softer, effortlessly transitioning from park laps to powder runs without feeling unwieldy or overly aggressive.
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