Keep the Dream Alive
Donate to is in need of your help. I have run into a problem at home and have had to step away from my full time coaching job with the US Team. Working to raise funds to survive this period and re-energize this site, while I make my way through what is proving to be a difficult and challenging to in my life.

I plan to be able to get back to the athletes and my coaching, but it is going to take time and money that is not currently available. Unable to work for now, bills and debt are piling up and it is uncertain when I will be coaching again. I and greatly need your help. 

Arielle Gold, Spencer Tamblyn and Taylor Gold at the Olympics in Sochi Russia.                           Getting ready for Opening Ceremonies

If you are willing to contribute any one time or recurring amount to the cause, Please click on the donation link below to show your support. I have verified the link and your donation will go straight to the Paypal Business Account. No amount is too small.   

Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart