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The face of progression in sport, and in many ways in our lives, is reflection of our focus, mental ability and preparation. Being ready and able to perform is even more a matter of mental ability than that of physical talent. The great thing is that you can practice and learn to build confidence, concentration and focusing capabilities. In the digital media programs and books below, learn how to harness your mental game and put mental snowboard training to work for you.

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Mental Training Programs for Snowboarding

Mental Training Inc

Mental Training Inc - Incredible and well thought out mental training program.

The CAP Program is the first comprehensive program that provides mental training for coaches, athletes and parents - all online and at one affordable price. The CAP Program is ideal for: Sports Teams, Private Schools, School Districts and Select Level Clubs.

When all 3 groups (Parents, Coaches and Parents) engage in mental training, research shows that coaches are more effective, athletes perform better and parents make a much more positive impact. Learn the mental skills necessary to develop confidence, get in the zone, handle emotions and thrive under pressure. Instead of waiting for mental problems to start, you can now strengthen mental skills in advance of adversity.

Snowboard Jedi Snowboard Jedi - E Program and System

The power of the unconscious mind has been discussed since the beginning of time by the world’s greatest minds from Socrates to Einstein and Freud. Your unconscious holds the key to unlocking your unlimited potential on a snowboard. The best part is your unconscious mind can be programmed in a way that is 100% effective. We will be programming your conscious mind using techniques that will literally program the neural pathways in your brain and allow you to snowboard better than you’ve ever imagined. No wonder today’s top athletes in all sports, from Olympic snowboarding to gymnastics, use mental performance strategies to improve their ability. Now you can do that too.

Snowboard-Coach Recommended Mental Training Books

The Fearless Mind

The Fearless Mind
Life is a performance whether you're on the field, in the courtroom, or running a household. But many of us, when asked to perform, are overcome by fear. We lose our confidence and allow our insecurities to hinder us.

What if you could channel your attention to focus on the task at hand and not on what might go wrong? What if you could play the game of life to win, instead of playing it not to lose? What if you had the mental power to make your dreams come true?

In The Fearless Mind, sports psychology consultant Craig Manning teaches you how to beat mediocrity and embrace greatness. With many years of experience as a pro tennis player, collegiate tennis coach, and doctor of philosophy, Dr. Manning will help you overcome your fears, expel anxiety, build confidence, and become a high-performing individual-no matter what your field. Learn how to unlock your mind and reach your greatest dreams. There are many mental pathways to performance, but there is only one pathway to true success-having a fearless mind.

10 Minute Toughness
A powerful and proven three-phase system for athletes and competitors at every level who want to achieve a winning state of mind

You develop your muscles to be physically strong, but exercising the mental edge is just as crucial for peak performance. 10-Minute Toughness gives effective tools to take control of your success through a personalized mental training system. Following the author's five-stage daily mental workout, along with his goal-setting activities and solution-focused tools, you'll use mental imagery, positive self-talk, controlled breathing, and more to increase confidence and beat the competition.

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind
Written by a sports psychologist and a renowned T'ai Chi master, here is a guide to enriching all of life's pursuits through the practice of its simple mental tools and wisdom. Using stories of success from athletes and businesspeople, the authors present techniques and exercises to promote relaxation and enhance performance.

Finding Your Zone Finding Your Zone
As a therapist, physician, and mental coach, Dr. Michael Lardon has dedicated his career to helping athletes understand and better achieve peak performance. In Finding Your Zone, he shares with readers what he's discovered about reaching the state in which "thoughts and actions are occurring in complete synchronicity," and how this state is accessible to all, not just the few.

In Pursuit of Excellence
Reach your potential! As an athlete or coach seeking success in sport or other walks of life, you will find the expert advice and proven techniques to fulfill your aspirations in In Pursuit of Excellence. Author Terry Orlick, an internationally acclaimed sport psychologist, has helped hundreds of Olympic and professional athletes maximize their performances and achieve their goals. In this fourth edition, Orlick provides new insights and a powerful step-by-step plan for you to develop your own personal path to excellence.

The Mental Edge The Mental Edge
One of America's premiere sports performance consultants describes the "mind-body connection" program he uses to sharpen and maximize the sports performances of thousands of professional and amateur athletes through enhanced mental training.

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