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Snowboarding Crashes?

I have experienced my own snowboarding crashes a thousand times. While every once in a while it can really hurt and even keep you from riding anymore, thankfully most of the time, crashes are kind of fun. Cartwheeling through powder or doing a belly flop in front of your friends can always enhance the session and add flavor to the day.

Here I have collected a few of my favorite crash videos for your amusement. Then at the bottom I will address a few good ways to avoid crashes and injuries that can result.


Snowboarding Crashes and Wipeouts

Snowboarding Injury Prevention

It is possible to go snowboarding without falls and injuries. But, I must say that if you are pushing yourself and progressing, there is no way clearly around it, you will get hurt from time to time. You can however apply a few things to help avoid crashes and season ending injuries.

  • Be Smart - Stay with in your limits and ALWAYS progress from trick to trick, or jump to jump, one step at a time.
  • Always warm-up before you start hucking your meat.
  • Be aware of changing conditions and beware of jump takeoffs that change speed over the course of a day.
  • When riding rails, trees, or rocky exposures you really should have on a helmet.
  • Ride with a cell phone, in case you or a friend does end up with an injury.

Like I said before. You may get hurt if your pushing your level. Just try to avoid it, then if it does happen follow the doctors advice about rehabilitation and physical therapy
to get back to your previous condition or even better.

Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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