Snowboarding Flexibility Training

For obvious reasons, snowboarding flexibility training is incredibly important to the life and longevity of a snowboarders carrer on the hill. For some reason though, this is one of the hardest things for a coach to really gets riders to do. Some do stretch and that is great, but for the handful who do not, and say, "Oh I can't stretch, I'm too tight and I cant even touch me toes." Argh. Get over it!! You need to be flexible to progress and be successful on your snowboard. So here are my recommended books for snowboarding flexiblity training.


Zack Black getting ready to rip.

Stretch to Win Learn the dynamic exercise techniques that most closely represent the movements and loads that will be required of your body on the court, field, course, track, or on the snow. After you complete a simple self-evaluation, a special science-based stretching matrix enables you to tailor a program specifically for your body, your sport, your position, or your event.

Ultimate Flexibility Book This book contains nearly 200 exercises along with wonderful photography and illustrations and explanations that present what amounts to anatomy and physiology lessons for each muscle presented. There are tips, workout plans, warm-ups and cool downs, and exercises divided into diffulty levels, low, moderate, and high. Benefits of each exercise and martial arts applications, and how to performs, are given and everything is written clearly. This is a great reference to be returned to over and over again. A must have for snowboarding flexibility training.

The Complete Idiots Guide to Stretching Stretching is the safest way to keep your whole body in balance. Not only is it a great way to warm up, cool down, and prevent injuries, but it can also be used for non-impact toning and strengthening routines. Stretching can be done anywhere, anytime, and can serve as both a stress reliever and therapy for dozens of physical conditions, from strains to sports injuries.

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