Snowboarding Icons

Definition: Snowboarding Icons - i·kon

An image; a representation.
An important and enduring symbol: “Voyager will take its place … alongside such icons of airborne adventure as The Spirit of St. Louis and [the] Bell X-1” (William D. Marbach).
One who is the object of great attention and devotion; an idol: “He is … a pop icon designed and manufactured for the video generation” (Harry F. Waters).

How did they become Icons?

These riders have taken being influencial to an entirely different level. They have grabed the business of snowboarding by the horns and built empires. Known worldwide and seen in catalogs, on TV, in Hollywood movies and in store front displays.

How did they become snowboarding Icons? Well, honestly that was up to the public. Through the right mixture of time, talent, hard work, support, being in the right place at the right time and a little luck, these characters have put themselves infront of the public eye and the public has replied with a loud and resounding, "Yes, we love what you do".

There is little doubt that these riders have passion and work ethic driving them through life. It is evident in the work they do. Whether it be in a contest, a talk show, designing a video game for the masses or putting on a party, they do it right.

They have become giants in the Marketing World. Much like a Michael Jordan is to Basketball, Tiger Woods is to Golf, or Tony Hawk is to Skateboarding, these riders have become giants.

Terje Haakonsen

Shaun White

Travis Rice

These guys are incredible aren't they. As far as snowboarding Icons go, I think they are the top of the heap. If you think someone else needs to be included, hit me up on email or on the questions page. I hope you enjoyed the Personalities section. I really enjoyed putting it together. Its been like a walk down memory lane and I feel lucky to be living here and now, to get to experience these people places and things. Ya herd?

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