Tuning Your Snowboard

For the general snowboarding population, I believe that tuning your snowboard is the #1 most under-rated controllable factor that effects your daily level of snowboarding. The pros understand and take meticulous care of their gear. By learning to tune and maintain the performance level of your gear, you are directly taking charge of your potential for success.

First, browse the tuning shop, then study these videos. After you watch the video, come back to the Tuning Shop for the waxing and tuning gear you will need to practice the methods and become your own snowboard tech.

Do not underestimate the value of having a fast board with sharp clean edges. It can make the difference between landing that trick, cleaning that rail or clearing the gap. Take it seriously and own the condition of your equipment.
It will pay off. I promise you.......

Tuning Your Snowboard Necessities and Wax Kit

The House Video Series - How to Tune Your Snowboard - Part 1

The House Video Series - How to Tune Your Snowboard - Part 2

The House Video Series - Detuning Your Board

Edge Beveling with Franklin Crowe- US Snowboarding/Swix Tech

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