Backside Rodeo

In my opinion, the snowboard backside rodeo is one of the smoothest and most impressive tricks a rider can add to their bag of tricks. For most who learn it, there is a challenging hurdle to overcome to get the first few backflips out of the way. The nerve to commit is the greatest challenge. Once a rider starts backfliping, the trick can come quite naturally. It is simply a turn of the head and a push of the hips, followed by pulling into the grab as you flip through the movement.

Check out the how-to video with Eric Willet. I think he describes it pretty well, and with the sweet video of the trick to go along with it, I think you will get the idea and be on your way to stomping the trick. 

How To - with Eero Ettala

This trick can be done with a variety of grabs, adding a variety of style options since the way your grab in the flip dictates much about how the flip rotates over the top. Other grabs that work well in addition to the traditional Melancholy are Stale, Indy, and Mute. The nose and tail variations can work well when taking the rotatoin on around to 720 and beyond.

Once a rider learns backflips and bs rodeo 540, the next step is bs rodeo 720s and 900s. The bs rodeo 540 is a very natural rotation, while progressing to the 7 or 9 require a bit more rotational control and finesse. These abilities will come with practice. So get out there and trick it up.

Next is the progression towards Double Back Rodeo. IT can be done just like the Backside Rodeo 540, but with a double back flip, it goes to 900. Or, take it on around to 1080 like Eero Etalla would.

Snowboarding Addiction Rodeos Teaser

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