Basic Snowboarding Skills

In the beginning----

there are
Basic Snowboarding Skills

They are vital, crucial, the key, the answer, the question, the foundation and the reason that any incredible snowboarder becomes well, incredible. Follow the program and links below to learn to snowboard and to help you build and fine tune your foundational riding skills.

These drills and suggestions are great for beginner and novice riders, but can also be used by experts. I make all my high level riders work on these kind of basic drills early every season to check their skills base and isolate weakness in abilities that they can challenge themselves to work on. It is so, so important to put plently of energy and focused effort into always maintaining a riders basic skill development.

Click on links below to learn about the terminology
and discover great drills to develop your basic skills.

Basic Snowboarding Skills - Terminology
--Before you start working on these drills and excercises,
you must understand this brief glossary of Basic Snowboarding Terminology

  • Neutral Body Positioning
  • Flexion and Extension
  • Rotation Terms- Leading, Following and Counter Rotating
  • Foward and Aft Movement on the Board
  • Angulation -Using body positioning to create angles that increase edge pressure and aid in control
  • Pumping and Absorbing

    Snowboard Skills Foundation and Drills 
    --Learn from my favorite basic snowboarding skills drills.

  • Step by step drills to start your progression quickly
  • Getting through the first couple of days is your first goal
  • Learning to focus on one drill at a time and make the most of each run
  • Finding your mid-range postition and getting comfortable with it
  • Developing good training habits and ability to focus and try hard
  • Repetition of basic skills to cultivate basic board control

    Snowboard Skills Progressions
    --Taking your skills foundation to the next level? Try these excercises.

  • Freeriding Skills Development
  • Jumping Skills Development - Ollies and Absorbing
  • Board Control Skills Progressions and Drills - Skidded and Carved Turns
  • Riding Switch Skills Progressions
  • Basic Rotational Drills and Skills Development

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