The McTwist, created by skater Mike McGill has come and gone, then come again as the trends of snowboarding tricks beat to the pulse of the sport. The classic version is basically an inverted backside 540 off of the heelside wall. Like many other off axis tricks, there are many different versions 
and each rider will do it a little different.

Taylor Gold

Dylan Bidez

Nicolas Muller

How-To do a McTwist

Find a good spot on the pipe wall, and work out the speed and pop required to do a smooth 5-6 foot air, and land high on the wall in good body postion. Start getting yourself excited to attempt the new trick. Visualize it. Over and over again. Know you can do it. Believe it. Visualize it more. Pick a good song, if you like music when you ride. Now think about how it will feel to land the new trick. Take a moment and breath deeply. Charge up on the energy around you. Feel your body and connect to it.

Now, shake off the hesitation and get ready to commit to the trick.

- Approach -
Carrying good speed, the rider will wind up for the backside rotation with the trailing hand up high over the toe of their back foot. The trailing hand will swing by the trailing hip as the front flip is set. The classic McTwist is done with a front flip motion towards the transition just down the wall from the rider, 
and with a Mute or Japan grab. Be very patient and smooth with the motion into the trick. It is crucial to wait until the top of the transition and off the tail of the board.

- Take-Off -
As the rider releases the wind up, shoulders will rotate backside and the riders vision will turn to see the wall upside down as you snap into the trick. Leaving the wall, vision goes to the sky, and your flying blind for a moment.

- Maneuver -
The lead hand reaches for the mute grab while the trailing hand and arm lead the twist. The rider can look in the direction of the rotation at this point and will soon see the landing coming around.

- Spot it and Stomp it - Landing -
Stalling a bit in the inverted Mute or Japan tweak. Poke the tail or pull the Japan tweak in tight, before releasing the grab with a quick move to put your feet underneath you and instinctively stomp on it.