Olympic Snowboarding

Since the introduction of Olympic Snowboarding in 1998 (Nagano, Japan), the sport has continued to explode into the winter sports market as a major player and attraction with vibrant stars, crazy fans, high flying stunts and dramatic moments throughout.

There are some that protested the introduction of snowboarding into the Olympics in 1988, due to the sports split sanctioning with the sport of skiing. Many Proud, Soulful Snowboarders felt that a Snowboarding Organization should be the sanctioning body.

It was a crazy time, but it all worked out. Since then, those soulful riders have had to accept that the FIS is our sanctioning body, and that has not been able to hold back to growth of the sport. Snowboarding has become one of the most widely popular and entertaining sports of the Winter Olympics.

The most recent Olympic Snowboarding events, held in Vancouver Canada during February 2010, then in Sochi Russia in February of 2014 were no exception. The TV ratings during the Halfpipe and Slopestyle Finals were astronomical. On the US side of things Kaitlyn Farrington took the Gold and Kelly Clark was Bronze, with Former Gold medalist Torah Bright sitting in the Silver medal position.

The US were able to kick off the era of Olympic Slopestyle Snowboarding in great fashion as Sage Kotsenberg and Jamie Anderson both won their events and walked away with Gold medals in what turned out to be recognized as the best and biggest Slopestyle Course and Event ever held. The jumps were huge and as a result the tricks were as well. 

In Boardercross Alex Diebold of the US was able to have an outstanding event and took the Bronze in an incredible Final to add to the US Medal count.

Other impressive showings came from the first Olympics with Freeskiing included. The US Team Swept the Mens Slopestyle and won both mens and womens Halfpipe. 

Moving towards the South Korean Olympics coming in February of 2018 we can look forward to a slightly different line up of events. The FIS has removed Parellel Slalom from the line up and added Big Air.

Below, enjoy some video clips of the level of Olympic Snowboarding we can look forward to seeing in each of the events that will be included in PYEONGCHANG South Korea in February. 

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Olympic Stoke Videos and Lead Up Events

Olympic Level Snowboarding on Youtube

Preview of Olympic Level Halfpipe at the Burton US Open 2017

Preview of Olympic Level Slopestyle at the Burton US Open 2017

Olympic Level Big Air Riding at Aspen X Games

Olympic Boardercross

Olympic Parallel Giant Slalom

FIS World Cup Test Event on Sochi PGS Course 2013

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