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Snowboard Coach Update, Issue #007 -- 2017-2018 Season Prep
October 12, 2017

Welcome to Snowboard-Coach Update

Hi there,

Thanks for signing up for Snowboard Coach Update. I am writing to share some info with you that might help you be ready for the winter. As a hopeful competitor, fan or parent of a rider it can be hard to know what to do at this point. I want to suggest a few actions to take.

First off thank you for the support. It has been a tough spring for me personally and I have had to step back from my full time coaching job at the US Snowboarding Team. Being temporarily unemployed, I am working to raise funds to further develop Please come to my new Snowboard Coach Donation Page to contribute to and help keep the dream alive. Thank you.


As you start preparing for the winter, I would like to suggest some things to think about as you are getting ready for the winter. The checklist would be something like this-

1- Preparing mind and body with Mental Training and Cross Training activities to be focused and strong for winter. For books some good books on training try Strength Training and Flexibility Training.

2- Check out the currently updated discount gear you need for getting after it on the hill this winter. Find Snowboards or Accessories you need for your kit.

3- Look into Competition Schedule in your area. Find info on upcoming competitions that you may be able to attend. Browse events across your state, country or world on the Orgs and Events page. You will find info on Regional USASA events, National USSA events and Ticket to Ride events world wide.

4- If you are beginning to ride at a competitive level and need support from sponsors, put time into creating and building relationships with people and companies in your quest to gain Snowboarding Sponsorship.


Start to make a plan. How and when will you work out and cross train. Where are you going to ride. Do you need a pass? How will you get there and who will you ride with. Start seeing it all in your minds eye. Are there events you want to try and attend? Have you done all you can at this point to try and attain sponsorship support?

Have A Great Winter

To show further support, please forward this email or share any of these pages to your friends and family that may find the site useful. Live Love Learn and Laugh it up. Sliding around on snow can be an incredible lifestyle choice, Complete with fun, friends, adrenaline rushes and beautiful winter mornings on the mountain. Enjoy the ride and never give up.

Thank you for your support and have a great day,

Spencer Tamblyn

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