Backcountry Snowboarding Competition

What is it?

BackCountry Snowboarding Competition is another very unusual style of contest. Really I have only heard of a couple, but I think the idea is very cool and I hope and expect to see more of these in the future. It involves setting up a course that is mostly choice driven. With a selection of natural terrain, powder, trees, natural and man made jumps to choose from. The event is judged based on free-riding skills, creativity and difficulty of line choice and execution of riding and tricks that the rider mixes into the run.

BackCountry Snowboarding Pow Drop

What does the competition venue consist of?

A big mountain like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Whistler, Vail or Sierra Summit in Tahoe California is required for this kind of event. Spread out judging stations to view the whole area to be judges. Judges may be spread out and only responsible for a small portion of the course.

The judges will be looking at basic skills, riding style, creativity in line choice and commitment to that line. The riders that come out on top will have unique lines and push the limits of their riding while maintaining cotrol. This is a very cool type of competition that really brings out the soul and personal flair in a rider.

Backcountry Snowboarding Hikers

How do you win, or lose?

Impress the judges with all around free riding and polished freestyle skill. If you're Travis Rice you can hold the contest, hire the judges and then dominate the event and win. I think that one was probably legit though. Ha, T Rice rips.

Keys to Competing Well

Basically rip it up and stomp some sick stylish tricks.

Most Important Events

The Natural Selection – Jackson Hole

or Travis Rices newest project SuperNatural (last year) UltraNatural (this year)

Olympic Outlook

I really don't think it will ever be considered for Olympic competition. It is just so abstract and requires radical venues and good luck with weather and snow. To many variables that don't fit into the Olympic need to structure and control an event. But, these kind of events are amazing, and can highlight the best of the best riders in an environment where they cn show what they have got.

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