Boardercross Competition

What is it?

Boardercross competition is Passionate. It is a sibling to motocross and BMX racing. Made up mostly of all around free riding fanatics, who love to ride and love to race, Boardercross is intense. 4-6 racers line up in a start gate at the top of a Boardercross track. The track has rollers to jump or pump, bermed turns with gates, table top jumps, step downs, step ups, and a hair raising spine set up directly across the fall-line, among other speed and line manipulating features. They wait and pump there arms and legs to fire them up. Clenching the pull start at the gate they all hope for the Hole shot. To be the first rider to the first turn, then to put every ounce of energy into staying in front. If you don’t get that Hole shot, you are on the chase. You’re looking for any opportunity to pass the riders in front of you. It is Chinese Downhill for real. It is adrenalin pumping, heart pounding excitement.

In my own racing and while competing. I have always loved hanging out at the finish of a Boarder X. The riders are so happy and excited to advance through rounds when they do, and so incredibly pissed off if they don’t. Sometimes the eliminated riders are also hurt in one way or another, which adds to there disappointment. It is raw emotion.

What does the competition venue consist of?

The Boardercross competition venue is sprawling. The resorts usually use around 700-1000 vertical feet of rolling, winding, moderate terrain to construct a Boardercross competition course. Some mountain have them up all season, other , just build the track for the event. The venue consists of:

  • Fencing to provide closure of the trail.
  • A start with the “Boardercross start gate”, which is usually set for 4 riders, sometimes 6.
  • A starter and organizer to line up the riders.
  • Teams, coaches and people teching out on boards everywhere. By the way it is a race and waxing is serious business here. Better get a tuning kit and learn to use it, or you won’t stand a chance.
  • The is timing gear to time the time trial qualification round.
  • A finish line that is boldly marked and carefully placed.
  • Timing lights at the finish for the time trial qualifying.
  • A scoreboard, riders huddling around it, with the time trial times as well as the bracketed later rounds to show the stage and progress of the event.
  • If your lucky, a good announcer and a DJ.
  • Patrol should be on hand to help if needed and to jump in if a fight breaks out. Ha-ha! That doesn’t really happen. Much

How do you win, or lose?

  • A time trial consisting of 2 runs per rider is held, best of 2 runs counts.
  • The field is cut down from around 50-100 competitors, down to 32 men and 16 women.
  • The rest are eliminated. Ouch.
  • From there those who make the cut are usually put into brackets by seed of 4 riders in a round.
  • In each round the first 2 riders across the finish line advance, while the other 2 are cut.
  • Round by round, down to the finals to decide 1st through 4th place, and the conciliation round to decide 5th-8th

Keys to competing well -

  • A strong pull out of the gate and incredible board skills.
  • The best Boardercrossers are athletic animals with the finesse of a ballet dancer. LOL But seriously, being able to accelerate through rollers and pick the fastest line is actually very difficult when your racing against people who practice doing just that.You must learn to absorb with minimal speed loss any obstacle and generate speed from pumping and pushing out of terrain and turns in any way you can.
  • Don’t over edge through turns. The fastest rider through any turn is the one who can hold a fast line through the turn with the least edge pressure. Think about that. It is about aggressive finesse.
  • Take immaculate care of your board. You need every advantage you can get and a fast board, or even the fastest board can help.
  • GO FAST & DBS –don’t be scared-

Boardercross Competition
- Most important events -

Olympics and the World Cup. Unfortunately X Games dropped Boarder X for the time being at least.
Hopefully we will see it back in there some day.

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