boardercross racer ready to race to the top - Alanna McCormick

by Alanna McCormick
(Collingwood, Ontario)

My name is Alanna McCormick and I am a 20 year old athlete ranked the number one woman boardercross athlete in Ontario, and 10th in Canada. I am writing to you because, like your company XXX, I stand for excellence and success. I am aiming to represent a number of innovative sponsors as I work my way towards the World Cup, and subsequently, the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and again the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022. I invite you to consider partnering with me to showcase a Canadian success story – yours and mine. Let me tell you a little bit about me and my sport.

My Mission:

To become a world class Canadian champion competitor in the sport of boardercross (SBX).

My Vision:

To gain all the experience possible, and access all the opportunities required to becoming a World Cup athlete in boardercross. Training equals experience. Experience equals success.

Why the need for sponsorship?

A sponsorship would allow me to access the experience and opportunities needed for this next very serious phase of boardercross. Sponsorships will provide the catalyst to launch the beginning of a new snowboarding phase. Simply put, it would allow me to train much more frequently and train all year-round. That is a remarkable differentiator. That is the road to success.

How the passion began:
I began snowboarding in 2003 at 8 years of age. As a tiny “Grom” I became determined to succeed within snowboarding. My desire for snowboarding flourished and for the next 6 years I rode recreationally and became a certified level 1 instructor with Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI). In high school I joined my school’s racing team. While racing in the high school division I came to the attention of Cassandra Smith who was scouting for athletes to join her club, The Akademy. With Cassandra’s guidance I found my passion to become a boardercross racer. Boardercross is a truly exhilarating sport for athletes and spectators alike. I continued to race for my high school team and to this date hold the school record for best result at Snowboard OFSAA (All Ontario high school championship). Starting in Grade 10 I began competing in provincial level events around Ontario as part of the Akademy. My training with Casssandra was limited by very restricted finances. With Cassandra, I spent 1 day and 1 evening a week training specifically for boardercross and I participated in 2-3 events per season. Despite the limited access I progressed steadily and quickly through each level of competition. Cassandra encouraged me to step up to the FIS level competitions in 2013. My first FIS race took place in Tremblant, Quebec, and after a competitive field of ladies I ended with a strong podium finish. Once I graduated from high school I made the daring decision to focus on competing in boardercross. I moved to Collingwood, Ontario in the 2013 winter season to train with Ontario Snowboard Club (OSC) and head coach Dave Balne. With Dave’s guidance I began competing in higher levels last season including FIS and Nor-am races across North America.

This season I am once again living in Collingwood to train with OSC and work during my days off from training. Training with OSC includes 80+ days of on-snow training in Ontario and Quebec. I will also compete in multiple provincial and FIS races, Nor-am and Canadian National Championships at the end of the season. Competing at the Nor-am level is the last step before an athlete can move up to the World Cup platform. Athletes are invited to move on to the final stage when they have shown the necessary skills, commitment and finishes. Therefore, I must be patient and allow myself the time necessary to gain the skills to compete at my goal platform.


• Increase training time on a regular basis
• Expand training to full year training
• Increase the number of provincial and national races
• Expand to include international training
• Expand to include international races

Why am I seeking support?
I am a passionate athlete. I am always striving for better times, runs, performances and results. I will continue to be a dedicated and inspired athlete. Since beginning competition in boardercross I have met many of my objectives. Multiple times a year I will create new objectives with the guidance of my coach. My objectives for the upcoming season have been set.

• I plan on stepping up on the podium more often this year.
• I plan to be on the podium of each provincial level race and FIS level race.
• I aim to see myself getting top 16 at more Nor-am level races
• I aim to enhance my skill set during heats in competition.
• I must be able to spend more time training on snow.
• I require 100 days on snow this season.
• In the next 3 years I have set the goal of being on the podium at Nor-am level races and having 120 + days on snow each season.
• Preparing mentally - mental preparation is a large part of boardercross success. It takes immense courage and focus to charge through a course of jumps and berms with 3 other racers chasing you down the hill, everyone fighting for first place. The added training provides both physical and mental nimbleness.

I love this sport and must follow my dream to the World Cup and the possibility of competing at the 2018 and 2022 Olympic games. Being a junior aged athlete (under 21) I still have time and the ability to put myself through the stages and training regime to ensure I will be the best athlete on the World Cup tour. None of this can be accomplished alone. I am respectfully requesting you to consider joining this exciting journey with me. It takes a village, as they say.

With your support, I will continue to strive for each and every goal both in sport and in life. I’m sure you are aware of the 10,000 hour rule. Malcom Gladwell writes about this in his book, The Outliers. Sports figures such as Wayne Gretzey know this to be true through lived experience. It takes 10,000 hours to become great at what it is you chose to do in life. I have chosen snowboarding, specifically boardercross. You have the opportunity to make it possible for me to add to my hours of snowboard training and support me in achieving my goals. I plan on attending 100 days of on snow training for the upcoming season, which begins in June, 2016.

My most notable finishes:
• 1st Beavervalley FIS race 2015
• 10th National Junior Championships 2015
• 16th National Women’s Open Championships 2014
• 12th Beaver Valley Nor-am 2014
• 8th Big White Nor-am 2015
• 6th Canadian Speed Senior Nationals 2016

Ontario Provincial Point series Champion 2014-2015

Currently: 1st in Ontario
10th in Canada
120th in the world
* based on FIS point system

I snowboard because I love it. I’m so passionate about snowboarding and everything associated with the sport. Boardercross is a relatively new sport to the world and the Olympics, its debut being eight years ago in the Torino Olympics. Yet in such a short space of time it has become one the most viewed events at the Olympics. Boardercross is a very clear and precise competition, whoever crosses the finish line first wins. And when you cross the finish no matter if you are 1st or 4th place in your heat, you congratulate your competitors and celebrate a race well done. The camaraderie and sportmanship of boardercross is unique and exceptional. Snowboarding is a sport that forms a person who, when they see 20 cm or more of fresh “pow” in the forecast they are excited. Who, when they wake up and its -30 out and the car barely starts, they simply add an extra layer of clothing to ensure they are able to enjoy "shreddin’ the slopes". I hope you recognize the Canadian optimism in this perspective.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
This is a unique opportunity, therefore sponsorship options are customizable to help fulfill your marketing goals.
Possibilities are:

• Presenting sponsorship for the full season
• Presenting sponsorship of a day, weekend or week of a specific event
• Supporting sponsorship
• Official product status

As in the building of many brands and success stories, we begin at a grass roots level until we have built a solid foundation and can sustain a dream. The time has come for me to professionalise my brand, In these complex, media-rich times, in which determination and differentiation are becoming a core skills embedded in new technologies and new content, the integration sports and Canadian pride provides an exciting opportunity for you to position your company as a innovation leader, to launch exciting new multi-platform brand with me, and to capitalize on the inherent strengths we can both bring to the podium. I would love to be a partner on your journey, and I would love for you to be a partner on my journey.

You can follow my training, activities, travels and competitions at:

Thank you very much for reviewing my proposal.

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