Double Corks and Double Flips
900, 1080 and 1260

On this page, I have a selection of Double Cork videos showing several different top level riders talking you through the way they execute this elite level tricks.

It is so very important that a riders builds up to these kind of trick in a methodical way. You should have front flips, back flips, side flips and a variety of off axis corks on lock, before you move into the world of doubles.

In the videos below, notice that the setup lines in to jumps and in the pipe are very specific and the snap and pop to start the tricks is precise. No hucking. It is more timing and air awareness to core in or open up and the right moments to speed up the flipsor slow it down for landing. 

Double Flips - Front and Back

Double Flips and Spins

Jumping Tricks
Spinning Tricks off Jumps -
180s 360s 540s 720s 900s
Back Flips Off Jumps
Backside Rodeo

Halfpipe Tricks
Riding the Halfpipe
Spinning Tricks in the Pipe -

540s 720s 900s 1080s

Double Flips and Double Corks