Extreme Snowboarding Competition

What is it?

Extreme snowboarding competition is an unusual and incredible spectator event. It is a show down of skill and risk-taking that depending on the course can be hair raising and dangerous. A wide competition area is determined and mapped out by the event organizers. The riders then have the task of picking their lines. They have a practice period to inspect and explore the contest zone to use their skill, creativity and guts to choose a plan of attack that will hopefully out maneuver and out ride the competition.

What does the competition venue consist of?

Extreme Snowboarding Competitions are held by resorts that have pride in their extreme terrain. The location of the course is chosen based on a few important characteristics :

  • Must have a variety of lines. With some combination of rock outcroppings, drops, steeps, bumps, trees and other natural obstacles to contend with.
  • A good place to start the riders
  • A starter with a radio to alert the judges as to who is dropping in.
  • Some events use timing equipment to add time into the equation in order to arrange the final ranking.
  • Finish line and Spectator Area.
  • A vital component of the extreme competition course is that the judges are posted up in location where they can see the entire course.

How do you win, or lose?

Usually the ranking is determines by 3-5 judges in a panel, judging on technical skill, line choice, execution and airs, combined with a course completion time to come to a results ranking.

Keys to Competing Well

Make a difficult, yet creative line with some air in it look easy and smooth. Stay alive!

Most Important Events

Crested Butte Extremes, King of the Hill, Marmot Extremes (New Zealand)

Super Natural

Olympic Outlook?

Afraid the format and structure of this kind of contest just doesn’t lend itself to Olympic consideration.

Blog, Photo or Video Submission Box

The world of snowboarding wants to hear from you. Share opinions, questions or rants, then post new clips and shots of you, your friends or your athletes breaking ground in their quest to progress.

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