Greetings from Poland

by Tomek
(Poland. Straszęcin )

Hello, my name is Tomek, I'm 22 and I'm coming from Straszęcin, South part of Poland. I will try to introduce myself in few words. I am young sports man, I love meet new ppl, I'm full of energy, I love extreme running(Runmageddon), swimming, bungee jumping and ofc. Snowboarding! I am snowboarder since last winter, it's amazing, this speed, this risk and this tons of fun. Sounds like recipe for rest of my life! Snowboarding in my country isn't cheap but I'm doing my best, I am spending earned money for snowboard, I'm riding 2-3 times per week coz nearest slope is like 100km away from my living place ;/
I'm working as CNC programmer...for most of ppl it's not so bad job coz u are siting mostly and setting machine but for me it's frustrating. I love outdoor activities, I rather to have ass kicked on slope than easy sitting in my job. I love to improve myself, my body and skills.
I'm earning like 400 euro per month so it's not much but, enough, one slope trip cost me 50 euro I,m ok with that.
Another "problem" are my friends. They are so cool and nice ppl but they are lazy 😀 They like to spend time in house. When I'm trying to pick them up to do something outdoor they are always like that "it's too cold" "it's too warm" "I'm out of energy" etc they are around 22 but they are acting like 70's 😀
From my young ages I love any kind of sport and I'm always trying to be the best, trying to shock my friends and other ppl. Hard training is not something strange for me. My strong side is that I'm stubborn as a fvcking donkey! Sometimes I had to hit my face to ground to know that is hurt. My mom is always telling me that I'm traingi to hard and I love risk too much 😀
I started my snowboarding story last winter, this year I bought my first own snowboard(not new), bindings(not new) and new boots! 😊 I'm tring to ride as much I can (2-3 tines per week).
I'm writing it all to you to talk about partnership, sponsorship. I need help some of your experts to help me to lead me to the top! To trust in me and help me to change my life. I want to do sport, want to be the best, want to shock ppl, want to improve myself and show it to world!
Just want to connect my life, job, activities with snowboarding.i would be appropriated if u will decide to contact with me.
Greetings from Poland, Tomek- "your boy"

Thanks for your attention, and sorry for my English, is not so great so far but I'm still working on it 💪 😊

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