- Halfpipe Snowboarding 720 -

Breaking through from the 540 to the halfpipe snowboarding 720 is a very rewarding step in your progression as a halfpipe rider.

How-To do a Halfpipe Snowboarding 720

Find a good spot on the pipe wall, and work out the speed and pop required to do a smooth 5-6 foot air, and land high on the wall in good body postion. Start getting yourself excited to attempt the new trick. Visualize it. Over and over again. Know you can do it. Believe it. Visualize it more. Pick a good song, if you like music when you ride. Now think about how it will feel to land the new trick. Take a moment and breath deeply. Charge up on the energy around you. Feel your body and connect to it.

Now, shake off the hesitation and get ready to commit to the trick.

- Approach -
Carrying a little more speed than for the 540, the rider will wind up for the rotation with both arms and a small twist of the shoulders. Exercise precise timing to snap into the rotation. Be very patient and smooth with the motion into the trick. It is crucial to wait until the top of the transition to pick your feet up and turn your head in the direction of rotation.

- Take-Off -
Wait and snap. As the rider releases the wind up, shoulders will rotate down the pipe and the riders vision will drift through the rotation. Using peripheral vision and instinct to know where you are. Commit to the rest of the trick.

- Maneuver -
As you release off the wall, pull your feet up towards the body and reach down for your grab of choice. The rider can look in the direction of the rotation at this point and just enjoy the feeling, knowing you are about to stomp it. You will soon see the landing or the wall coming around. With the Frontside or Cab 720, the rider will see the landing and touch down looking into the flat bottom, while Backside 720 rotations will finish looking at wall and land blind, before turning head to look into the flat.

- Spot it and Stomp it - Landing -
Checking your location as you start to come down instinctively speed up or slow down the rotation as needed to land with your board riding back down the wall. Release the grab with a quick move to put your feet underneath you and instinctively stomp on it.