I am locally sponsored but i need more support to become on an international team of a snowboarding company.

by Andrew El Khoury
(Beirut, Lebanon)

I started off skiing at the age of 6, and started off snowboarding at the age of 12. i am now 21 years old and locally sponsored by Burton Lebanon, and Sports Experts. I used to be a backcountry freerider and by that i mean i shred some extreme lines. Snowboarding has been my passion ever since i was a kid. The problem in our resorts is that there is no proper maintenance, we do not have parks, we are sometimes kicked out of the slopes just because we build kickers to jump off; however, we managed to become what we are now. Our snow condition is very bad because we only witness 2-3 days of powder and other than that its all icy snow as hard as a brick. I, for one along with my team have managed to become on of the best riders here. We are freestylers and we all so have a snowboarding school. Our ambition is to make it to bigger and better sponsors and to be able to have the video parts that we deserve and I'm talking some sick mountains like AK, BC, Kamchatka, Andes(Chile), and a lot more. We also want to be on the contest side. We're all in our early twenties and i have been in meetings with Energy Drink representatives. They were really good with me and my team but they told me that I'm too late because of my age. I do not believe that age has to be a standard here. I wasn't lucky enough to be born in a country that has the perfect snow season with the perfect conditions and the perfect resorts. I am trying to make it out of Lebanon. Me and My Team(Technical Riding Crew) have been training non stop with whatever that we have here and we were able to master it so I'm kinda sure if a sponsor put us on some kick-ass mountain with lots of powder we are able to do a lot more.
As for injuries, icy snow here has been hell for us, even with all the protection, I've managed to dislocate my shoulder, injure my waist, my leg, and neck. i had to go back then to the hospital. but as for now i might encounter some injuries while trying new tricks but I'd still get up with all the pain that i am suffering just to hit a jump a couple more times just to get a trick perfectly done.
I, for one, don't want a huge company to directly sponsor us but i would love and appreciate to see some support. my email is andrewkhsixx@gmail.com for those who would like to contact me. I am Andrew Kh on fb. and my instagram is andrewsixxkh

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Apr 09, 2021
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by: Eshley Durst

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Dec 13, 2016
by: Mic Thoren

Hello Andrew,

My Name is Mic Thoren, I am from Norway and have devoted my life to helping people achieve their dreams in whatever way i can, weather by offering direct aid or indirect aid. That being said Snowboarding in Norway is a big deal and we value passionate riders and aim to grow international communities on our slopes. I can surely get your video edits through to the right people. Send me your clips on my personal email mic.thoren82@gmail.com or refer me to a page where i can show some people who might be interested in an individual like you
I have encountered a similar case as yours of a snowboarder in the middle east who claimed he was up to the level and i made the effort in traveling to see what this kid was talking about, only to find out he was a fraud whose ambitions exceeded his skills.
Thankfully with today's advancements and ease of online communications, i can verify if snowboarding really is your dream, or if you are chasing one that isn't yours.

Hope we can work together Andrew, i like your optimism and hope your spirit is still going, as i understand this is an old post i will try to revive.

Mic T.

Nov 11, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Oct 21, 2015
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Sep 17, 2015
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May 16, 2014
by: Andrew El Khoury

Wow, thanks guys. I'm honestly left speechless.
I actually dunno what to say. Well things went bad this year, we had no season. but our sponsors did support us a bit, and now we are choosing our 2015 gear, so all's good. I had thought of proposing to a bank earlier, so I wanna see my luck if i do this. I was contacted by an optics company from the US that gave me a good deal in return of a great edit, so im kinda working on that.
Once again Thank you guys!


May 16, 2014
by: Georges Carswell

Dear Andrew,
Let me start off by saying that I give you much respect to what you are doing. You show love for this sport. Now let me start off by saying this from a professional point of view; Focus on showing companies why it should be you and not other riders that should be sponsored, give them a proper reason. You must be sociable. I read that you are locally sponsored which is really good, but let all your entourage love you and your team in a way that they would be your PR support for a company to adopt you. Banks would interested in sponsoring such activities but give them a great proposal and you're off to Alaska or British Colombia.

I for one hope that you make it and I want you to focus a lot on your studies first and give snowboarding the time it needs. As for the admins of this page, I think you should boost this guys post, give him a kickstart and lets see what faith in people like him would give as a result.

Feb 06, 2014
by: Jade Hall

This guy looks like he's devoted to this sport. I think someone should help him to become what he aims for.

Keep on practicing, Andrew and don't forget that its the passion towards this sport that will get you where you want to be.
Much Respect.
Take this from an old snowboarder.

Best Regards,
Jade Hall.

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