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For quarterpipe snowboarding, there are many terrain parks with a Quarterpipe or 2. Some resorts are lucky enough to have naturally occurring Quarter pipes, and that is cool. Then some riders get to ride at events where the QP is huge, built for the contest and in perfect condition, which is also incredible.


For Quarterpipe snowboarding, use a Freestyle Set Up. Like that of a Slopestyle or Halfpipe rider. You will see a wide range of set-up styles on the Quarterpipe since Pipe Riders and Slopestyle riders both enjoy the Quarterpipe. You may need diapers if you go to big.

Skills Set

  • Practice – Riding a Quarterpipe is quite different than any other kind of riding. It take doing it over and over to get used to the unusual feeling of re-entering the same transition you just came out of. Its’ like most of the time your riding a roller coaster the is making turns and going over hills. Then you get on the Quarterpipe coaster and it go hauling ass into this big hill but instead of going over it, it loses speed, stall out, then comes screaming back down the hill backwards. Whoa, I’m getting chills, thinking about it.
  • Patience - Hitting a big QP take a lot of repetition. You can’t just roll up to a Quarterpipe and blast it. You have to start slow, then go bigger and bigger as you get more comfortable with the shape and speed it takes.
  • Natural feel for riding transition – Of course you can develop the feel for it, but for some it come very naturally.

Riding Set up and Clothing Styles

Quarterpipe riding styles and set-up falls into the range of Slopestyle and Halfpipe Riding. Freestyle boards, bindings and boots with styz and flare.

Most Influential Riders

Ingemar Backman - 1996

Classic Moment in Snowboarding. Ingemar blasting a massive 20+ foot Method on a monster hip quarter.

Artic Challenge

QP Fun - 12 tricks in 1 minute

BURTON US OPEN - QP Event - Stratton VT

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