Snowboard Jump 180
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For many riders, learning a snowboard jump 180 is the first step towards a wide range of rotating tricks on a snowboard. Frontside or back side off your toes, or your heels, practicing your 180s will become a vital part of your tricks and progression base.

Many advanced tricks have the movement of these 180s within them. Learning to have total control on all versions of the snowboarding 180 can add to your confidence and comfort level as you progress into the more advanced tricks.

Frontside 180 & Half Cab ( switch frontside 180 )

Backside 180s and Switch Backside 180s

Jumping Tricks
Spinning Tricks off Jumps -
180s 360s 540s 720s 900s
Back Flips Off Jumps

Halfpipe Tricks
Riding the Halfpipe
Spinning Tricks in the Pipe -

540s 720s 900s 1080s

Double Flips and Double Corks

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