Snowboard Jump 900
Frontside, Cab, Backside and Switch Backside

Learning a snowboarding 900 off of jumps is an amazing feeling. As a rider raises the bar of their own ability into the realm of 900s, the rider is gaining confidence and skills, that can lead to even more incredible tricks. Not to take away from the 900 itself in anyway, I am just pointing out the board skills mastery that it takes to do a good snowboarding 900. Lots of patience, speed control, snap at takeoff and commitment to the trick and landing, all play a part. If you are working on 900s, pat yourself on the back for being capable of it, and feed on the passion that has brought you this far. Go out there and stomp a 900.

Frontside and Cab 900

How to - Backside 900 & Switch Backside 900 

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