Snowboard Skills Progressions

In snowboard skills progressions, you will get busy learning some ideas and excercises to get you going in the right direction. I will share a few great drills and excercises to help you learn to gain better board and body control. Adressing the core starting block to each of the following subjects.
You will leave your beginner days in the past.

Carving a Snowboard

Snowboarding Powder

Freeride Snowboarding

Freeride Snowboarding

Jumping on a Snowboard

Jumping a Snowboard

Grabbing Your Snowboard

Snowboarding Switch

Riding Switch

- Helpful Season Long Progression Hint -
A rider should use the off season for Dryland-Training and Cross-Training
to get into great shape for the winter.

-Then during the winter, even when riding a lot, it is important to maintain overall fitness. Snowboarding is a mostly finesse type of sport and for most not very aerobic. A rider can lose fitness level quickly if all they are doing is snowboarding.

So, during the winter, it is important for snowboarders to have periodic moderate work-outs, and to get their heart going regularly. Utilizing a stationary bike or swimming laps for a 15-30 minutes is ideal. Give that bike some resistance and sweat it out. Riding a bike is also great for tired snowboarder knees. It can realign and revitalize your leg muscles, while pumping out soreness and lactic build up.

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The world of snowboarding wants to hear from you. Share opinions, questions or rants, then post new clips and shots of you, your friends or your athletes breaking ground in their quest to progress.

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