Snowboarding Glossary

The Snowboarding Glossary is a collection of pages in which you can find the terms, lingo and vocabulary as it relates to the sport of snowboarding. Each underlined link will take you to a different page full of definitions, vocabulary and details on the many pieces that make up snowboarding.

Snowboarding Glossary - Most Basic Snowboarding Terms
-Basics including turn, stop, snowboarding gear and terrain park safety-

Snowboarding Skills Terminology

-Definitions of the basic fundamental snowboarding skills-

Snowboard Physics
-Snowboards, their Riding Characteristics, Terms and Components-

Snowboarding Terrain and Freestyle Features

Snowboarding Grab Names

Snowboard Grabs

Snowboarding Trick Definitions

Freestyle Tricks

Styles and Personality

Styles and Personality

Snowboarding Competition

Snowboarding Competition

Blog, Photo or Video Submission Box

The world of snowboarding wants to hear from you. Share opinions, questions or rants, then post new clips and shots of you, your friends or your athletes breaking ground in their quest to progress.

- If you have a specific question about a term,
hit me up on the Snowboard Coach Questions page -

Snowboards Bags Bindings Boots Gloves Mitts
Goggles Helmets Jackets Pants

Who wants to "Drop in Next"
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