Snowboarding Legends

Definition: Snowboarding Legends

Function: noun
Date: 14th century
a: a story coming down from the past ;
especially : one popularly regarded as historical although not verifiable
b: a body of such stories
c: a popular myth of recent origin
d: a person or thing that inspires legends
e: the subject of a legend

How did they become Legends?

When I think of "legendary riders", there are a few names that come with much respect and admiration to mind. These riders did not set out to revolutionize the sport; they came out to play, or to compete.

They came out because snowboarding was different, and so were they. In the long run they would change the face of the sport. Ever since early on in the progression of snowboarding skills, there were the trend setters. Their different way of riding and unique approach to style and the possibilities that the snowboarding allows, made them stand out.

I personally owe a major part of my excitement and inspiration over the years to several of the riders on this page. I hope that you can look at them with open eyes and recognize that, even if their riding does not compare to what riders do today, in their moment, they were the best.

They really are legends now that time has pasted since their reign. But even in their own time they were legendary. There would always be rumors about what incredible thing they had done most recently, or about their personal lives, or about injuries. The snowboarding public just loves its leaders. Here are just a few:

Thank You Snowboarding Legends

The Late, Great- Craig Kelly - Snowboarding God

Jeff Brushie - Style and Amplitude Pioneer

Jamie Lynn - Style Pioneer

Peter Line - Backside Rodeo Pioneer

Daniel Frank - Frontside Rodeo Pioneer

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