Snowboarding Powder

If you're lucky enough to be snowboarding powder, you're lucky enough. Powder is amazing. Growing up skiing and land-locked in Colorado, I was fortunate to get to ski powder from time to time, but it was not until I started snowboardng that I found the most incredible ride. The feeling of surfing on clouds. It has the enlightened sensation of surfing a perfect wave or wakeboarding on perfect glass.

It is heavenly.

Challenges of Riding Powder

Compared to riding on hard packed groomers or other packed snow conditions riding powder requires a different approach and positioning on the board. Check out this little video that shows the shifted position along with 5 other tips for snowboarding in powder. 

How to Snowboard Powder

Here's a few tips and ideas to keep in mind when you find yourself snowboarding powder:

  • Shift your weight slightly towards the tail of the board. This will vary depending on your board and binding set up, the snow type, depth and pitch of the hill. If your stance is centered and your board is small, you will have to lean way over the tail of the board to keep the nose up. It can be helfpful to move the bindings on the board towards the tail. This lets the nose float more easily and allows for a more balanced body position by the rider. Also, many powder lovers, like to invest in a Powder Specific Board, which can make it even easier.
  • While learning to ride powder, it will feel like it is hard to turn and it sucks you in. Then being stuck in the powder is no fun. Just keep trying stand on that tail and feel the powder working for you. It will get easier, quickly.
  • Powder is slow compared to packed conditions. So, it is important to pick a line down the hill that will allow for speed and to avoid getting stuck in the snow. If you are away of flat areas on the run, you should avoid them.
  • Pitch and patience are your tools to get you're speed going, and you really need speed, to get your board to perform in the deep snow.

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    Powder Specific Snowboards

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