~ Snowboarding Styles and Character ~
Personalities and Pro Riders

In the snowboarding styles pages, you will learn about the different styles of the riders and the wonderful character of the various disiplines within the sport of snowboarding.

> Style <

- Intangible in nature, style is a cornerstone of the snowboarding sport. Style is the overall appearance of a riders personal rhythm and flow while they ride. In addition to styles roll as an expression of a riders personality, it can also apply to and be effected by the riders’ choices in location of riding, equipment, clothing and set up on the board. Things like stance width, stance angles, board type and shape can all add to the overall feeling of a riders’ style -

On each of the following pages you will not only learn about the different types of riding out there, but also watch incredible hand chosen videos of the Most Influential Professional Snowboarders actively pushing progression in each different style of riding. Follow links to pages on the progression of stardom and sponsorship,
followed by pages on the Legends and Icons of the sport.

Slopestyle -Terrain Park- Snowboarding

Urban Snowboarding

Quarterpipe Snowboarding

Halfpipe Snowboarding

Boardercross Snowboarding

Alpine Snowboarding

Extreme -Big Mountain- Snowboarding

Big Air and Backcountry Snowboarding

Pro Snowboarding

Snowboarding Legends

Snowboarding Icons

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