Snowboarding Switch

As a snowboarder progresses towards more advanced free-riding and freestyle riding, snowboarding switch can be one of the biggest challenges they will face.

Try to rotate your upper body and twist over the board towards the direction of travel just like when riding forward. You want to mirror your forward riding. Put the same kind of energy into each turn you would if you were going forward. Things like flexion/extension, fore/aft movements and leading/countering the turns are just as important riding switch. It is just that you must re-learn to be aggressive with your turns and develop your board control, now riding switch.

Go back to the excercises and drills for Freeriding and Carving a Snowboard, only this time try and benifit from practicing the same fundamental skills switch.

If the difference between switch and fakie is bothering you, dont worry about it. Primarily switch riding is the riding in your backwards direction. Down the hill, into jumps, or in the pipe. While the term fakie is used when a rider has done a trick and lands backwards. Like in an "Air to Fakie" Check out these and other definitions on Basic Skills Terminology.

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